Jana Klekar, BA(hons)
development guide

„Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.“ Nelson Mandela

What is coaching?

There are many definitions… Here I offer mine: Coaching is a professionally conducted interview in which the coach uses methodologies that thrive to unlock the potential of the coached client. This is true in both professional and personal coaching. The coach does not advise, but motivates the client to find their own way, supported by their own motivation. I believe that a coach should have both; experience and education in this area.

I enrich my coaching style with the basics of psychotherapy and mentoring. The pandemic and its effects on the psyche of each of us (whether we are aware of them or not) have shown the need for coaching. That’s why people are looking for them more and more often.

How does coaching work?

It is important that the client feels comfortable and that the coach is at least a little empathetic. The same is true in reverse. Only through this approach can success be achieved.

Every coaching is different, the course is different. Each client is a unique, and therefore an individual “tailor-made” approach is always necessary. The right tone and approach to the client is chosen. The coach adapts to the client, not the other way. The hardest thing for the client is to take the first step: Make a decision and commit to coaching. After all, all of the work will be on the client anyway. A coach is “just” a guide. Despite all efforts, they cannot change and develop the client.

Online and video calling is suitable for coaching.

About my clients

The most common topics that clients turn to me with are:

  • career advancement
  • problems/obstacles
  • relationships
  • fulfillment, …

There is practically no area in which coaching could not help you.

If you are not sure, take advantage of the possibility of the first free session. At the same time, we will find out whether we will “get on”, which is also very important. ☺
Booking the first meeting session is free of charge.

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