Jana Klekar, BA(hons)
development guide

Trust, development, success

Professional experience

In the beginning there was UK, where I decided to go. Broaden my horizons, improve the language. After a year, I started working for one of the most important telecommunications companies. First in the call center, but I grew my career quickly. IT, strategic planning, client service, marketing, CSR (corporate social responsibility), … What helped me? Mentors, inspiring visionaries, innovators. Thanks to their influence and impulses, I also graduated in Business Studies at the Open University.

After my return to the Czech Republic, I tried to continue my education in various postgraduate programs. In 2017, the ups and downs of life led me to psychotherapeutic training. Primarily as a tool of self-therapy. Psychotherapeutic practice has become my core interest, part of my new focus – coaching. Naturally, I have obtained globally recognized ICF certifications.

I became pleasantly dependent on lifelong learning, on finding new ways to develop myself. Each of my clients is different, I try to help everyone to find their own way. I became dependent on my clients. They inspire me, they move me forward. I try to do the same for them.

My story

Since childhood, I felt that everything was against me. And everyone. That everything is wrong. The negative mood stuck with me until early adulthood. Leaving for England was basically a runaway. I ran away from myself, got lost, and began to search for myself. What did I find? The realization that the only thing against me is myself. That the conditions I have chronically made excuses for myself since childhood can be changed. But I tried so hard to change them that I was burned out of overwork. I didn’t get wiser, I didn’t stop, I overcame the burnout to the so-called strength and went on at the same pace. After two years, my body punished me. (And probably a hard-pressed soul too,) I fell ill with an aggressive form of cancer.


Suddenly STOP – and everything was different again. Values, priorities. I fully experienced the truth of the saying that: If your life’s not at stake, nothing is at stake.

Light at the end of the tunnel? Psychotherapy, study of psychology. Work with its tools and methods on myself. But already different, with different target values. And coaching is where I found myself, what maybe cured me. (Among other things.)

To put it politely: It wasn’t fun. But so far so good. Even for my clients. They believe that if I was able not only to overcome such big challenges, but even to get through them to my better version, I will help them too. That I just have to be able to do it. In all modesty: I CAN!