Jana Klekar, BA(hons)
development guide

“Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders—in that order!” Simon Sinek

Business coaching

I believe that a satisfied employee is behind a satisfied customer.

I gained international experience at Telefonica, O2 in the UK. Among other things, I participated in the creation of strategic plans, led transnational projects within programmes such as One Young World and Think Big, created new processes and methodologies (CX). I later applied and further developed my acquired knowledge and skills in the Czech Republic. I implemented the principles of CX into companies, supported the development of start-ups, acted as a consultant for projects with national and regional impacts. For the Pardubice Region, I started and led the Parádní kraj program, which initiates and supports the development of innovative projects in the region.

My specifics and benefits of cooperation with companies

CX (Customer Experience)

  • I respect the principle: EMPLOYEES ALWAYS COME FIRST
  • 2019: Ian Golding training in Budapest
  • 2020, 2022: Judge at the European Customer Centricity Awards
  • 2022: Customer Centricity World Series Judge
  • I combine work experience and education in the areas of L6S, Scrum, process settings and management with professional training in psychology and coaching

Inspiration and patterns: Jeanne Bliss, Simon Sinek, Shep Hyken, James Dodkins and Ian Golding.

For clients

In the business area, I combine coaching with mentoring and consulting services. The ratio of these activities as well as their forms and scopes can be set according to the client’s requirements and corporate needs. At the same time, I can advise you in the area of subsidies.

První setkání ZDARMA …

Společenská odpovědnost

  • 10% výdělku příspěvek na Dobrý Anděl, sbírky Nikol Leitbeg, NF Radovan
  • 5% času zdarma pro neziskové organizace a spolek Podnikavé ženy v Pardubickém kraji

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